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 An often overlooked portion of our domain is the food "we" grow.  You know about the turf and the flowers around the club grounds, but you probably didn't know that "we" also grow stuff you can eat.  "We" = Ginny and she's been doing this for a long time.  Golfers see the garden right of 9 green, but probably don't know what's in it.  Non golfers probably don't even know it exists.  Additionally we have an herb garden behind the clubhouse.  Years ago our staff built the garden and deer proofed it so that we could supply things to the kitchen.  Ginny is an artist with the club landscape and also a pretty good farmer when it comes to growing vegetables.  Her garden consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, beans, peas, collards, spinach, kale, lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, radish, green onion, cilantro, dill, sage, thyme, lemon balm, spearmint, chives, garlic cloves, basil, rosemary, lavender, and parsley.  Gi

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