Saturday, March 21, 2020

Another Layer Of Protection

We are doing everything we can to make the course an enjoyable outlet for you during this crazy time.  Everyday we come up with new ideas in the fight to get back to "normal".  Lots of precautions are being taken to keep you and the staff safe.  

As far as staff is concerned we are sanitizing all touch points often(this includes equipment as well as the shop), clocking in/out online, staggering start times by a few minutes, using separate work carts/tools, and making sure guys stay home if they feel sick or have been around someone who does.  With each passing day the rules tighten up and the tension builds.  It's a very nervous time for all of us, but especially the staff that relies so heavily on the job.  

As for the course, you've seen the emails on how we are trying to create a "touchless" golf experience.  Today we added another layer of protection to help minimize risk.  If you should make a putt from outside gimmie range, you won't have to reach into the hole to retrieve your ball.  Ivy and I cut up a pool noodle into 3" sections and placed one in each hole.  It's not perfect, but it should take the risk down another notch.  We borrowed this idea from other courses so no credit should come our way.  


Pump Launch Video

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Multi Tasking

What a week!  The past few days have been a blur and we hope everyone is safe and sound.  We are getting creative with our work to avoid putting people at risk.  Each day brings a new curveball so it has been tricky to say the least.  As all the virus chatter has been going on we've been able to keep our wheels turning with the many tasks at hand.  Here is an update on the past two days...

  • The Irrigation Pumps took a trip on the lake today.

Attaching float bags to the pumps at the boat ramp
Towing the pumps from the boat ramp to their home behind the club

Getting ready to drop them into place and reconnect the discharge hose

  • Irrigation and Landscape are being installed at the newly expanded clubhouse.  We are getting outside help for the irrigation while Ginny and the guys get plants in place.  We started Monday and will be at it all week.  Sod will go in next week in a few places and we'll button up the details as spring arrives.   

Eric, Jonah, Ryan, and John are on "virus break" and were a huge help 

We dug a bunch of holes on Monday and the plants arrived Tuesday

  • The new water line that feeds the clay courts was installed Monday.  We still have some fittings to attach and will be all wrapped up this week.  

Boring under Longstreet Dr. 

  • Irrigation installation is ongoing in front of the club and will be wrapped up this week.  More will need to be added in the back at a later date.  

Lots of sidewalks, wires, pipes, gas lines, grease traps, and other obstacles makes it "exciting"

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Cart Traffic Reminders For A New Season

After a long and soggy winter, carts are finally able to get back on the turf.  The term "Cart Path Only" doesn't need much explaining as the name says it all.  The term "90 Degree Rule", however, has much more to it than the name suggests.  In order to help us keep your course in shape, it is important to follow some of these steps below.

When we are operating under the "90 Degree Rule":  
  • Remember that all par 3's are cart path only all the time
  • Pair up when possible or let no more than 2 carts off the path on any given hole.  2 carts are better than 3 or 4.  (During this COVID-19 crisis we are waiving this step.  It's ok to take separate carts)
  • and.....

There are two of these posts on every par 4 and 5.  Don't exit the path until sometime after
you pass the first post.  Return to the path anywhere before you pass the second post.

At tees and greens please keep all four tires on the path.  This is a huge help towards keeping grass alive which in turn keeps the weeds at bay.  Goosegrass loves compacted soil where turf is thin along paths.  It then gets tracked towards greens and tees where it's very hard to control.   

Do not drive in the rough except when getting to or from the path.  The fescue doesn't handle traffic as well, especially in the hot summer months.  Keeping carts out of the rough is a big help. 

On some holes the cart path starts on one side of the hole and finishes on the other side.  To avoid creating a dirt road in these situations, we have signs that say "no carts" where the path makes a sharp turn.  The shortest distance between you and your ball isn't always the best route to take.  Staying on the path as long as you can is better than cutting corners. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

New Toys and Lots More Progress

Even though I just posted an update, there is so much happening right now I don't want to leave anything out.  Just a few pictures from the past week....

New signs for the clubhouse were put together and are in place now

A new water line to feed the clay tennis courts is ready to install.   Boring under Longstreet next week.
This will eliminate a few hundred yards of pipe and a lot of headaches in the future.  

The wetland in front of 4 green was trimmed back.  This took a couple of guys all week.

Our new tractor arrived, albeit without a key ingredient that we were expecting.  That part
is being installed soon and it will be fully functional for our needs.  Our 3 tractors were a combined
71 years old with nearly 16,000 hours so this new one will help tremendously.
A drain inlet on hole 6 caved in last week.  A 12" diameter pipe was replaced.

One of two new carts to replace two of our oldest.  In peak season
we use 12 a day for getting staff around.

Verticutting units for the new mower.  We use these on tees and greens several times a year.

A new tee/greens mower to replace the one from 2004.  The verticutting
units pictured above fit on this machine.  

The stumps on 3 are ground below the surface of the soil.  We
will clean up the mess, smooth the area out, and seed with hard fescue

Spring break added two extra sets of hands which timed well
with our need at the new clubhouse.  We are installing drainage
near the new patio and will be putting in landscape very soon.

Worm castings from the past few month are a real headache now.  We hope
to be able to brush them into the turf canopy if the ground firms up some.  Worms are
good to have, but they create a huge mess in the short grass.

Even though we allowed the carts off the paths recently, the ground
is still really soft in many areas.  Rutting of these soft areas may require
us to go back to the path on a few holes. 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Progress Report

The pace is picking up these past few weeks and we are making great progress.  Our wish list is always longer than we can complete, but we are getting a lot done with our small winter team.

Tree work on hole 3 is underway and the contractor will be finished sometime next week I think.  Adam's Tree and Landscaping is a well oiled machine and I would recommend them to anyone in Fawn Lake.  As other postings and notices have indicated, we are removing roughly 70 trees that are too close to the path.  The path repairs will be made in the fall as the plan stands now.  We hope to be able to do some root pruning in areas where the trees are far enough from the path to do so safely.  In the case of hole 3 the trees are so close to the path that root pruning would make the trees unstable and dangerous.  Contrary to what you may have heard at the 19th hole, we started on 3 because we deemed that to be the biggest problem and we wanted to make a significant dent asap.  Next in line for tree work is probably holes 6 and 7.

Our guys have lots of tree work to do as well.  We've removed roughly 20 dead trees in the past two weeks.  Unfortunately, stumps from trees we cut don't get ground right away and the logs are stockpiled at our shop.
The new look won't be much different, but we can have a smoother path now. 
Concrete work is planned for the fall.

Trees that were too close to the path for root pruning to be an option were removed.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Path Plans

As everyone is well aware, we have plenty of room for improvement in the cart path department.  Previous updates have addressed the situation and provided cost estimates for the job.  The project as a whole is far too much to handle in one year, but we've outlined a plan that we hope can happen in 4 to 6 years and leave us with a much better golf course.

Beginning in the next month we will remove problem trees along the cart path on hole 3.  Following that process we will make path repairs with the remaining budget.  We won't be able to address all of the concrete on that hole at this time, but we should get a good start following the tree removals.  This process is going to involve closing holes 3, 4, and 5 on days that work is occurring.  At least one week for the tree removals and another few days for the concrete repairs.  We know that this is inconvenient, but trust that it will be well received considering how uncomfortable it is to travel that path.  

Follow this link to re-visit the presentation that was provided in December: