Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Inside Job

When it rains all day we shift gears and focus on the "inside jobs" that never seem to go away.  Today we mixed in some safety training.  We'll make this a staple of our rainy days and drill "safety first" into the minds of our team daily.  Lots of fresh faces soon to arrive and the veterans can always use a refresher.  


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tennis Courts Open Thursday Afternoon

Winter lasted a little longer than usual so we were delayed in getting the clay courts resurfaced.  Last Wednesday things finally dried out enough to start removing the worn out clay and prep for the new clay.  It took two days for our entire golf course staff to complete this step.  We were hoping to have the new clay down on Friday, but rains interrupted us.  Yesterday, we had another "all hands on deck" day from the golf course staff and got all the new clay in place.   Today the lines are going in place, tomorrow the hydro-court bladders will begin to fill up and Thursday afternoon the courts will open for play!

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  See you on the courts soon!

The "BEFORE" Pictures.....

Friday, April 3, 2015

For Those Who Inquired...

I wrote an update for our members last week that got a lot of attention thanks to TurfNet.  A picture of Rob spraying the perimeter of our collars went viral and soon my email, voice mail, and twitter account all lit up together.

Lots of people wondered where we bought the sprayer seen in the picture.  I bought the wand with the shield from H&H Farm Machine Company......


I modified it with small wheels I robbed off of a 32 gallon trash can.  I attached the wheels with a small piece of 3/8" all thread and two small clamps I found in the hardware store.  We had to modify the sprayer tip to an 8003 even spray nozzle so that the rate would be uniform across the width of the spray.  After our first test run we decided to add a small piece of cardboard to the side that would be against the bentgrass.  This just added a little extra insurance against drift.  In our case we attached the wand to a battery powered solo backpack sprayer, but it could probably fit to many different sprayers.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Watch Your Step

You'll notice a 1 foot wide green stripe just outside the collar of each green.  We've applied a product to eliminate unwanted weeds in this area.  Please step over this stripe to avoid tracking the product onto the putting surface.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

First Cut of 2015

We finally had an opportunity to get the greens mowers out this week after being cooped up in the snow and soggy conditions.  We mowed greens Thursday and Friday for the first time this year.  That is by far our longest stretch without mowing in my nearly 15 years at Fawn Lake.  Frigid temperatures, frozen ground, frost, soggy ground, and/or snow cover have been present every day since late December.  We've had some mild days, but never a day when the ground conditions made it wise to get the mowers out.  The putting conditions should improve dramatically over the next few days and will gradually get better over the following week or two.  With some luck we plan on getting the rollers out as well in then next few days.  Right now the course is saturated so we have to be patient on getting the big machines out.

On another note, we've gone back to having just one hole per green and are in our normal hole location routine.  We'll be changing the location as often as needed and possible for the time being before ramping up to our 4-5 adjustments/week routine.

Warm air against the cold, ice covered lake early last week

Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Work Continues

It's been a long two weeks.  Haven't seen grass in awhile and certainly haven't had any golf weather. Regardless, we've been busy.  Once we removed all the snow from the parking lots and clubhouse/pro shop steps and walkways, we hunkered down to tackle a number of inside tasks. We've done some repair work in the clubhouse, created a few things for Christina to use with her wedding and catering work, painted the break room in the shop, painted all the tee markers, worked on equipment, painted the bathrooms on the course,and walked the course to retrieve all 430 hazard stakes for refurbishing, among other things.  

Hazard stakes are made of  recycled plastic and are about 12 years old.  They have faded from red to pink and yellow to almost white.  We are running them through a bench planer to skim off the faded surface and get back to the original color.  Here is the difference...

This was a new one for us.  Christina has a bridal show this weekend and asked if we could create this for her booth.  Golf course maintenance often involves work that doesn't included a golf course. A few weddings can really help the bottom line so we're happy to do our part.        

We do our best to make sure the club can be open all the time.  We also try to keep the pro shop accessible.  We've been lucky this year compared to some of those in the past.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

4 Wheelin'......On The Golf Course

Last week a kid on an ATV decided the course looked like a fun place to ride.  He did a number on the 5th fairway and then decided to take a run at the bunker in the right rough.  Up the bank he went and flew into the frozen sand and rode out the other side.  

If by some stroke of luck we find out who did this, we will sell the ATV on craigslist and use the proceeds to buy some much needed supplies for the shop.  If you see this kid on the course, please let us know.