Monday, June 11, 2018

Member Guest Week is Here!

I just finished watching "Live From The US Open" where my counterpart has nearly 200 volunteers prepping for the US Open later this week.  I'm a little jealous, but we have a great group of guys and are eager to try and get things in peak condition for the Member-Guest.  This is our "US Open" and we look forward to it every year.  Unfortunately, 2" of rain since Saturday evening will make it difficult for us to pull off a firm and fast test of golf.  We are crossing our fingers that the rain has ended for the week.  If that's the case we should be able to get things mowed down before the kickoff on Thursday.  The weather forecast for the event looks fantastic so we are hopeful that a good time will still be had by all. 

When the sun popped out last week

Not counting the 2" we just got.  We're lucky compared to many

Saturday, June 2, 2018

USGA Green Section Update

We are still playing catch up in many areas of the course.  The cool spring is over and warm, muggy weather is now the norm.  The practice tee took 3-4 weeks longer to come alive and greens are still behind schedule from aeration recovery.  Some rogue patches of bermuda did not survive the winter and some shady areas of zoysia may not return.  It's warm now, but a lot of grass is just now waking up after a prolonged stretch of cool weather in April.  We've been spared some of the rain our neighbors have seen, but we've had much more than we'd like.  Rainy days mean no sun and excessive rain means water logged soil with no oxygen.  Plants don't thrive under these conditions.  We'll get where we want to be eventually and I expect a great summer.  Hopefully it will get here soon.  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Good News Bad News

Good news is we are about to make the path on 7 much smoother and the ponds on 6 will be easier to keep full.  Bad news is we need some space to do this work and will have to interfere with golf this week.   As previously reported in an email, we will be closing holes 6 and 7 this Tuesday and Wednesday.  Weather permitting, we are expecting a contractor to replace 8 sections of cart path on hole 7.  It will involve one day of removing old concrete and one day of pouring new concrete.  At the same time, we have booked help to install a new well pump and intake pipe on hole 6.  We paired these two jobs together in order to limit disruption to the course as both jobs would require closing holes 6 and 7.    We hope to make repairs to 8 other sections of path at a date yet to be determined.  When we have the plan in place we will notify everyone.  Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates these next few days.  We are due for things to go our way.

From the last cart path project.  Breaking up the old and hauling it away is the biggest part of the job.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Another Messy May

May brought nearly 8" of rain in each of the past two years.  This May got off to a great start but quickly changed gears.  Last week's wind and rain made Fawn Lake a messy place.  The wind last Monday night took out roughly 20 trees on the course (many more around the neighborhood) and left the course littered with debris.  Rains that followed the rest of the week made it too wet to get equipment off the paths for clean up and mowing.  Eventually we'll get back to normal, but it's going to be a tough golf course until things dry up.

Following Monday's wind storm and knowing that a lot of rain would arrive soon, we picked up sticks and got three laps of rough mowed around each fairway.  If you hit it off line by more than 20' you will be in deep grass.  We mowed greens daily until the rain got too heavy on Friday and Saturday.  Today (Sunday) we are cleaning out debris and mud from bunkers, mowing greens and collars, and continuing with stick pick up.  This theme will continue until we get things caught up.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

UPDATE...Practice Tee Open

We wanted to let more warm weather help get the grass on the tee growing, but we are going to roll the dice and see what happens.  

We set the ropes up on the left side of the tee where zoysia is the predominant grass.  It's not growing much yet, but has good turf coverage.  There are still divots taken last October that are not recovered, but hopefully we will see some improved growing weather soon.  The right side of the tee has a long way to go and may need surgery.  As mentioned in multiple previous updates, the winter was hard on bermuda grass and some of it we fear will not come back.

To help us get the most out of our practice tee it is important to use a good routine when hitting balls.  Here are some pictures to illustrate the do's and don'ts of how to practice....

DO NOT excavate an entire area.  This takes weeks to recover

The Striper
DO hit each shot from the back edge of the previous divot and move back in a line.
Start a new line 2-3" away and do the same thing.  This method will recover quickest.

From The USGA regarding practice etiquette...

Friday, May 4, 2018

Practice Tee Status

Typically we open the practice tee grass up between the 3rd week in April and the 1st week in May.  The zoysia is bouncing back very slowly, but the bermuda is not.  Unfortunately bermuda has taken over most of the tee in the past decade.  This was a devastating winter for bermuda in our area.  I'd like to give the turf another week to see if it comes back before we open it up for use.  If we end up needing to re-grass because we opened up too soon, we'll be right back on the mats.  I know the mats are not ideal.  

From Friday May 4...bermuda and very slow zoysia

Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Family Members

Last week we welcomed two new family members.  Twin fairway mowers arrived on Monday.  We are anxious to use them and would have done so already were it not for the rains all week.  We will be putting these new mowers to use as soon as we complete greens aeration.

The course is going through a little rough patch due to the rains and exploding turf growth.  With greens aeration set for Monday and Tuesday things will get messier before they get better.  We hope to get caught up this week.  Thankfully we have two new machines to help us get through.

Thanks to the board for approving the much needed replacement of our fairway mowers!  Feel free to stop by and take a look if you'd like to meet them.