Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pros and Cons Of All This Rain

For the past two weeks the course has been saturated from the light, but frequent rains.  Shorter days, less intense sunlight, and cooler temperatures, in addition to this rain makes the course extremely soggy and slow to dry out.   We have been unable to use our tractors and mowers to keep the leaves at bay.  Instead we've had to resort to big teams of backpack blowers to combat the mess that doesn't seem to disappear.  At some point we'll get our leaf vacuum out and start the lengthy process of removing this mess, but for now we're forced to just move the mess around.  The good news in all this is that our seed has germinated quickly and is doing very well.  We've been babying these areas with fertilizer and mother nature has provided the rain.  Since it's too wet for cart traffic the new grass has had a good start and should do well for years to come.  Thanks to those of you who have been patient with the cart path only issue.  It started as a temporary method to give the new grass a fighting chance, but rains arrived and made it a moot point.  We probably weren't cart path only for more than two days when conditions were dry enough to get off the path.  Since then it's simply been too wet.  



Friday, October 23, 2015

Results Are Showing

The results of our efforts are starting to show.  It will be important to give this new grass a chance to survive.  Please bear with us for a couple of weeks while the new grass emerges and begins to grow. We will be Cart Path Only until further notice.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Progress Isn't Painless

We are making great strides with our efforts to repair bunkers and clean up the course following the storm.  At the same time we're working with all three tractors to aerate, seed, and fertilize the rough.  We've made it through 6 holes this week and hope to have the front nine wrapped up by Friday at lunch.  We'll get the back nine next week.  For the time being there are no cart traffic restrictions.  However, once the seed begins to germinate, all carts will need to remain on paths.  This is a pain for many, but without it we'd be wasting a very significant investment in time, labor, seed, fertilizer, etc...Once the new grass is being mowed, we'll let carts leave the path.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rain Related Recovery and Fall Turf Work

The rain last week was a welcome sight although we got about 1000% more than we needed.  We received just under 8 inches from Tuesday night to Sunday morning.  Bunkers are the biggest challenge in terms of clean up, but we also have a number of other storm related issues to deal with.  A few drain inlets collapsed and will need to be excavated and repaired.  We also have muddy cart paths, mulch washed out of beds, and earthworm castings covering the fairways and tees.  The staff is much smaller now than it was in the summer and we are also closing in on the tail end of the ideal grass seeding window.  For these two reasons we’ll have to postpone much of the storm related clean up in order to get back into the fall turf related jobs before the weather turns too cold.  When the storm arrived we were in the process of aerating rough prior to seeding.  Things are just starting to dry up enough to return to that task.  We’ll follow the aerator with seed and then a machine called an Aeravator to help work the seed into the soil.  The final step will be to spread a thin layer of compost called Or-gro over the rough.  We had hoped to be wrapping this project up this week, but due to the rain we will be at least two weeks behind.  Bunkers will remain in a messy state until we are all caught up with the turf related tasks.  We sure miss the summer help. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rain Gauge Finally Comes In Handy

September 2015 will go down in the record books as a wet month.  We had just 1/2" of rain until the last day of the month and now we have almost 6" for the month.  More rain is on the way to start October.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aeration Update

We wrapped up our greens aeration project yesterday afternoon.  Today and tomorrow we'll continue working around golfers to brush, roll, sweep, and generally just clean up the greens and surrounding zoysia.  For the most part the job went very smoothly.  However, no aeration is complete without a few hiccups and/or catastrophes.  This year the tines wore out quicker than expected so some of the greens were aerated with tines that really should have been changed.  We didn't plan to need 3 full sets of aeration tines.  The big headache with this aeration has to do with a transformer in our irrigation control station.  It blew up and now we must turn water on manually at each individual head.  On Tuesday, while wrapping up the front nine we discovered that the irrigation heads were not coming on as they should.  Our troubleshooting steps took us to the pump station where we discovered that the power supply that feeds the golf course was not working.  We have the part ordered, but for a few days we'll be in a pickle with watering.  It will take much more time than normal, but we'll manage.

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