Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who's the New Guy?

After an in depth search and multiple interviews, I'm happy to introduce Ryan Funkhouser as our new Assistant Superintendent.  Ryan comes to us after a 4 year stint at Dominion Valley Country Club in northern Virginia.  He joins us at a very busy time and has had to hit the ground running as a result.  He has big shoes to fill as Rob Basso was a mainstay for 12 years.  Rob, as most of you know, left in March to become the Superintendent at Mattaponi Springs Golf Club.  Ryan has a lot to learn in a short time, but with a great team around him he'll be fine.  

His primary responsibilities this time of year will be assisting with staff scheduling and task planning, chemical/fertilizer applications, and scouting turf for the many challenges that arise in the summer.  Assistant Superintendents work very long hours and don't get nearly enough credit for the role they play in providing golfers with a fun place to play golf.  I'll try and get a good picture of Ryan to share asap, but didn't want to delay the announcement of our newest team member.  Please welcome him the next time you see "the new guy".

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