Thursday, April 6, 2017

Need Help

We are in the midst of an all out search for staff to help us care for the course.  The current job market is such that we have not seen many interested applicants.  Thankfully our core group of veterans is keeping things in check for now.  In addition to our need for help on the crew we also need your help.  No matter how talented and plentiful our team is, we need your help to be successful.  Repairing ball marks, obeying cart traffic guidelines, and general course etiquette... are all areas that need improvement.

All of the cart tracks in these pictures occurred when it was "Cart Path Only"

There are dozens ball marks on every green

It Is "Cart Path Only" and even if it was "90 Degrees", this cart is 40 yards
beyond the post/sign directing carts back to the path.  

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  1. Dave, Where is this? I see two carts on the fairway and two golfers. But I also see a tee box with blossoming trees on each side with the tee markers seeming to imply that the tee is aligned parallel to the fairway in use (or abuse). Now I've only been in Florida since Christmas ....this cannot possibly be a hole on the new nine of the 27 hole FLCC layout!