Friday, April 28, 2017

Messy Week

What a mess!   We've had rain in the gauge every day since last Thursday.  The downpour that started it last Thursday night took a big toll on bunkers.  100 players in an outing the following Friday morning stalled any repair efforts.  The forecast called for three more rainy days, making bunker work a poor use of time anyway.  Somehow we completed aeration between all the raindrops, but now we have real mess.  The bunkers are still a wreck, the grass has been growing for a week, and the greens have holes in them.  It's not a good time for me to ask for your thoughts on course conditions.

We were able to get the mowers out today, but had to dodge a number of wet areas.  Bunker repairs will start tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM and continue through the weekend.  Greens will recover quickly, but are just two days removed from surgery so please bear with us.  I think we will be back to normal very soon.  

Pictures from the aeration process...

6:30 Tuesday morning Soil Relievers in the rain
Soil Reliever

Even though we cover the sand,
rain water moves upward into the pile and
  humidity under the tarp soaks the sand

We spread 60 tons of sand over 150,000 square feet

Our machine puts 1/2" diameter holes
3" deep on 2"x 2" spacing
The sand wasn't as dry as we'd like, but the
brush got the holes full.  We will keep brushing
and blowing until all excess sand is removed.

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