Thursday, April 20, 2017

Aeration Reminder

Next week we will be aerating the greens on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The process will involve the help of an outside contractor who will be here Tuesday morning.  The contractor is using what's called a Soil Reliever with 1/2" diameter solid tines that reach a depth of 9" below the surface.  We will then roll the greens, topdress heavily, and aerate with our own machine using 1/2" diameter solid tines.  The sand will be brushed into the holes and the greens will be rolled again.  We will not be removing plugs of soil from the greens.  Our staff is still very small and we are working on a short week due to an outing on Monday, so we are going to give this method another go.  We've done it this way for two full years without any serious side affects so we are going to give it another try.  Test results and careful observation over the summer will dictate the method of aeration we use in September.  For now, a less labor intensive method is the plan.

Why Aerate?   A video from the USGA




STEP FOUR (brushing the sand)

We may add sand in several steps to help fill holes completely.  We'll roll, water, brush, blow, etc. to speed recovery.  Patience is the key for us as well as the avid golfer.  This is a critical step towards surviving the busy season of golf and stressful weather.  The greens are in good shape now so that will aid in the recovery.

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