Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lots of Progress

We've been extremely busy these past few weeks.  The early warm up in February coupled with very dry conditions (less than .75" in February) has allowed us to do some things that couldn't be done in the previous few wet winters.  We are very lean with staff and the warm weather has us juggling some routine course maintenance between projects.  Below are a few things we've been working on....
  • We've completed almost all winter weed control in the zoysia.  The warm weather will cause us to have to use some different products to wrap up the few remaining areas.  Round Up won't be safe to the zoysia now that it has just started to green up.  We'll be using Revolver to finish.   
Note the right side of this picture was sprayed for winter weeds.  The left side has not yet been sprayed.
  • We attacked a perennial drainage issue beside the practice putting green and parking area.  This area also takes a beating from traffic all year so we put new sod down as well.  

  • We addressed the drain in front of the ladies tee on 2.  This area receives far more runoff than it is designed to handle, but for now we think we've got it where it can be mowed after a rain event.  Before it was a lake for several days after rain.  
After a typical rain
Re-graded and some additional drainage just before sodding was done
  • Richard and Jimmy have been grinding stumps all week and we'll plant grass soon.  70 stumps were ground between Monday and Thursday.  This machine was rented from the local hardware store.  It does an amazing job.

This one was not going to be standing much longer so we pruned it at the base and then ground the stump

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  1. Rob is a friendly, hard working, and dedicated man. Mattaponi is very fortunate to have pried him away from us. Wishing you lots of blessings, Rob!