Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter War on Weeds

Every winter we launch an attack on weeds in the zoysia.  Poa annua (annual bluegrass) is our primary target although we have some bentgrass creeping outward from the greens and some fescue that was tracked in during the fall rough seeding project.  Since the zoysia is a warm season turf it's dormant right now.  Anything that is green in the zoysia this time of year is unwanted.

For us to be able to make this weed control application we need to have perfect conditions.  We need temperatures safely above 32, no wind, dry ground, and a forecast with no rain for at least a day.  In each of the past two winters we have not had these conditions long enough to complete the entire 40 acres of zoysia.  Without any setbacks from weather or wet ground we can complete the entire course in two days.  However, our window of opportunity in any given day may be just a couple of hours.  It may be frosty until 10:00 and too windy by noon.  Therefore, it can take several weeks to complete the project if conditions do not cooperate.

Thankfully it looks like we may luck out this year.  If the ground dries up and the wind stays down we plan to get started Tuesday.  We will have to keep some of the course closed in order to do this so please bear with us.  

Spraying the outer edge of the collar to keep the bentgrass from taking over the zoysia

Poa Annua is easy to see in dormant zoysia
A board is used to keep spray from drifting to the green

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