Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rough Rough

It's not called "smooth", it's called "rough" but we'd still like it to be better.  The areas of turf that surround the low mowed fairways are living up to their name right now.  We aggressively attacked the unwanted grasses like bermuda, zoysia, and bentgrass because they are impossible to play from at the heights that are required for fescue.  We then seeded and aerated all of these areas.  The immediate aftermath was not better than the "before" picture and was by no means easy to play from.  Consequently we've been living under a "lift, clean, and place" rule when playing shots from the rough.  We are trying hard to make the rough smooth if that makes any sense.  We've also been asking for your patience and understanding with regards to cart traffic.  Most of you have been very helpful at keeping carts on the path and out of these newly seeded areas and that has been a big help.  Unfortunately we haven't seen the same results we saw in September with the tees and tee slopes, but a later start and a dry spell are primarily to blame.  In the end I think the course will be much "cleaner" looking and easier to play.  We'll let carts get back on the grass real soon I promise.


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