Friday, May 13, 2016

Tee Time For Mowing

IF we don't get any more rain tonight or tomorrow, then our plan is to mow as much as we can Sunday afternoon.  We put Mr. and Mrs. Fairway Mower on the tee sheet at noon and paired them with Mr. and Mrs. Rough Mower.  Following them will be a host of other staff members armed with blowers, rakes, mowers, etc...We blocked an hour off of the tee sheet as this is a very slow process typically reserved for early morning hours and taking several days a week to complete.  Afternoon is the only option now that the grass has gotten so tall.  Mowing in the morning won't work due to the mess that would be left behind with wet grass.  Please pardon our efforts to get through this very unusual situation.  We've now had 15 days of rain in the last 16 days.   Monday brings 100+ golfers in an outing and Tuesday/Wednesday looks like more rain.  Cross your fingers the streak ends today so that we can make some hay on Sunday. 

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