Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rain Gauge Workout

Our rain gauge is getting a workout these past two weeks.  12 of the last 13 days we've had to empty it when we arrived at work.  In that time we've totaled 4.12" (.32"/day average).  Recovery from aeration two weeks ago would be further along with a little sun.  A couple of rainy days was nice to have following the process, but 12 rainy days and constant cloud cover is not kind to any plant.  Luckily we have plenty of fresh holes for water to move through and when the sun finally returns we should be fine.

The golf course is a mess as you can imagine.  We took a chance yesterday morning and slopped through two holes of fairway mowing before the skies dumped a quick 1/2" on us.  We got a few tees mowed, some intermediate rough mowed, and in general made a mess doing so.  Overnight we received another 1/4" and it's pouring as I write this.  We may have to beg for some time on the tee sheet in order to get things mowed once the rain stops and the ground dries out.

Below is a screenshot of our rain gauge data...

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