Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clutter Control

In a daring move that has failed miserably in the past, we are going to leave all ropes and stakes on the shelf.  We brought them in for the winter for painting and have decided to try the "clean" look this spring.  We start out lean each spring and by August we have 150+ stakes and 1000s of feet of rope throughout the course.  They take a lot of time to move around for mowing and traffic control, they look terrible, and they are a pain to deal with in the winter.  If carts will simply follow the 90 degree rule we will never need ropes and stakes.  You should have received an email from the club on this issue.  We also have posters in locker rooms, restrooms, and the golf shop.  We'll have a small sign on the first hole for a few days as well.  Say "NO" to ropes and stakes.  We can do so much more with our time and the course can look and play much better if everyone pitches in.

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