Sunday, January 31, 2016

Before, During, And After The Snow

Before the big snow we were very busy on the course.  With a skeletal winter staff  (Rob, Jimmy, Alan, Ginny, Shane, and Gene) we were making a big dent in some tree problems and course clean up.   Our main focus is with any dead or dying trees.  We are also addressing low limbs and removing trees that are damaging cart paths or turf.  We made it through the first 5 holes before the snow stopped us.  You'll notice a difference the next time you play although none of the trees in question will be missed.

During the snow we were busy clearing the lots and walkways at the Harbor Club.  We also have quite a large area at the shop that requires attention in order for the FLCA staff and Golf Course staffs to function.  We have one tractor with a plow and one snow blower which is perfect for most snow storms.  However, this storm was a handful.  A big thanks go to Rob and Alan for braving the elements to keep the snow from mounting up beyond control.  

While the snow took us away from the tree project, it gave us a great opportunity to help Gene with equipment repairs.  Gene's time is 100% equipment care and in the winter we pitch in when it snows to help him get caught up on the hundreds of items used to take care of the course.  We have a mix of old and new, but it all needs attention to some degree.  

Hundreds of accessories on the course were brought in before the snow so that we could make repairs and paint while waiting on the snow to melt.  Tee markers, posts, water cooler stands, chairs, etc... are cleaned up, repaired, and painted during snow.  

We will be getting back to tree work on Monday, February 1 and hope to get it wrapped up before the next snow storm arrives.  With a little luck we also plan on doing some drainage work before the grass comes back to life.  February will be very busy, regardless of what the weather brings.  

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