Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pros and Cons Of All This Rain

For the past two weeks the course has been saturated from the light, but frequent rains.  Shorter days, less intense sunlight, and cooler temperatures, in addition to this rain makes the course extremely soggy and slow to dry out.   We have been unable to use our tractors and mowers to keep the leaves at bay.  Instead we've had to resort to big teams of backpack blowers to combat the mess that doesn't seem to disappear.  At some point we'll get our leaf vacuum out and start the lengthy process of removing this mess, but for now we're forced to just move the mess around.  The good news in all this is that our seed has germinated quickly and is doing very well.  We've been babying these areas with fertilizer and mother nature has provided the rain.  Since it's too wet for cart traffic the new grass has had a good start and should do well for years to come.  Thanks to those of you who have been patient with the cart path only issue.  It started as a temporary method to give the new grass a fighting chance, but rains arrived and made it a moot point.  We probably weren't cart path only for more than two days when conditions were dry enough to get off the path.  Since then it's simply been too wet.  



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