Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aeration Update

We wrapped up our greens aeration project yesterday afternoon.  Today and tomorrow we'll continue working around golfers to brush, roll, sweep, and generally just clean up the greens and surrounding zoysia.  For the most part the job went very smoothly.  However, no aeration is complete without a few hiccups and/or catastrophes.  This year the tines wore out quicker than expected so some of the greens were aerated with tines that really should have been changed.  We didn't plan to need 3 full sets of aeration tines.  The big headache with this aeration has to do with a transformer in our irrigation control station.  It blew up and now we must turn water on manually at each individual head.  On Tuesday, while wrapping up the front nine we discovered that the irrigation heads were not coming on as they should.  Our troubleshooting steps took us to the pump station where we discovered that the power supply that feeds the golf course was not working.  We have the part ordered, but for a few days we'll be in a pickle with watering.  It will take much more time than normal, but we'll manage.

Pictures Below...

Jimmy and Alan loading the topdresser ( about 80 loads to do all greens)

Alan topdressing 

Tim aerating with 5/8" solid tines at 3" depth

What it looks like after one pass with our new brush.  The holes are full after two passes.

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