Monday, August 3, 2015

100 Million Holes And Counting

Tim Murphy is the "Holey Man" on our staff and he's responsible for putting just over 100 million holes in the greens.  Not holes that you putt to, but holes you putt over.   Every two weeks, without fail, we have "vented" greens with 1/4" diameter tines.  If you are strictly a weekend golfer, then it's possible you haven't noticed.  It takes two full days and sometimes a little bit of a third day (usually Monday, Tuesday), but the effort has paid off big time.  So far we've vented greens 9 times and are doing it for the 10th time this week.  Just thought you'd find it interesting that every two weeks we poke millions of holes in the greens.  Visit this USGA explanation for why we do this.

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