Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Team Coming Together

Our summer staff is trickling in one by one and soon we'll have a full house.  Some are veterans from previous summers (Sam Watts is in his 6th season) and some are new to the team.  So far I'm really excited about the way they have worked together.  They are catching on quick and have tackled some messy work with a great attitude.  It is amazing what we can accomplish with the extra hands.  5 guys equates to roughly 200 man hours in a week and that is almost double what we had.  We'll have 10 extra once everyone arrives.  It's a breath of fresh air every May when these guys arrive and I hope you have an opportunity to get acquainted with them during the next few months.  They are quality guys with very bright futures.  A thumbs up or pat on the back goes a long way so if you're happy with the course, please share it with them on the spot.  I'll handle the coaching when things need to be addressed, but your help with the positive reinforcement would be greatly appreciated and go a long way towards keeping the team on the right track.

Tim, a retired superintendent, has aerated all 20 greens three times in the past month and all 90 tees twice in that time
That's a lot of walking and a lot of holes
Sam, Austin, and Barton doing some much needed clean the cold rain

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