Friday, April 3, 2015

For Those Who Inquired...

I wrote an update for our members last week that got a lot of attention thanks to TurfNet.  A picture of Rob spraying the perimeter of our collars went viral and soon my email, voice mail, and twitter account all lit up together.

Lots of people wondered where we bought the sprayer seen in the picture.  I bought the wand with the shield from H&H Farm Machine Company......

I modified it with small wheels I robbed off of a 32 gallon trash can.  I attached the wheels with a small piece of 3/8" all thread and two small clamps I found in the hardware store.  We had to modify the sprayer tip to an 8003 even spray nozzle so that the rate would be uniform across the width of the spray.  After our first test run we decided to add a small piece of cardboard to the side that would be against the bentgrass.  This just added a little extra insurance against drift.  In our case we attached the wand to a battery powered solo backpack sprayer, but it could probably fit to many different sprayers.

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