Saturday, March 14, 2015

First Cut of 2015

We finally had an opportunity to get the greens mowers out this week after being cooped up in the snow and soggy conditions.  We mowed greens Thursday and Friday for the first time this year.  That is by far our longest stretch without mowing in my nearly 15 years at Fawn Lake.  Frigid temperatures, frozen ground, frost, soggy ground, and/or snow cover have been present every day since late December.  We've had some mild days, but never a day when the ground conditions made it wise to get the mowers out.  The putting conditions should improve dramatically over the next few days and will gradually get better over the following week or two.  With some luck we plan on getting the rollers out as well in then next few days.  Right now the course is saturated so we have to be patient on getting the big machines out.

On another note, we've gone back to having just one hole per green and are in our normal hole location routine.  We'll be changing the location as often as needed and possible for the time being before ramping up to our 4-5 adjustments/week routine.

Warm air against the cold, ice covered lake early last week

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