Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Golf

Watching the golf tournament in Hawaii last weekend was the next best thing to actually playing.  It's nice to see green grass even if it isn't ours.  While the pros are bouncing around to all the good climates where golf is in peak season we're patiently waiting for our peak season to arrive.  We'll have some nice days well before the season is really here so be prepared to get out when the opportunity arrives.  Remember that the golf you watched on TV is a lot different than the golf you will see here at the moment.  Our ground is frozen in places and saturated where not frozen.  The greens are lumpy from the footprints of recent golfer traffic.  The fairways are dormant and may not provide a perfect lie.  The bunkers are probably frozen and can't be raked.  Having said all that the course is open for play and a great source of fresh air and exercise.  When ground conditions allow for us to get greens mowed or rolled we'll certainly do it.  We'll also rake bunkers if/when they thaw out.  In the meantime we are very busy cleaning up the many acres of wooded property along the perimeter of the course and will be tackling some drainage work next.

Winter greens are here already but I thought this might be a good reminder 
The vacuum has been running non stop lately
About an inch of snow last week.  We've since removed the dead pine you see behind the tee

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