Friday, October 31, 2014

Pump "House" Renovation

The heart of our irrigation system is the pump station.  In most cases, pump stations are indoors with some minor degree of climate control and protection from the elements.  We've lived with just a fence for all these years.  Earlier this year we replaced the control panel and decided that it was time we beefed up the protection around this big investment.  The gap between the grass slowing down and peak leaf removal season seemed like a good time to squeeze in this construction project.  Jimmy, Alan, and Logan spent last week putting this new structure together.  It is essentially a sturdier version of its predecessor with a roof added.  We still need to add the roof material, but the job is nearly complete.  The guys did an incredible job at a fraction of what the outsiders quoted for the same thing.  The heart of our irrigation system will be safe for years to come.  Now if we can just get some water in the lake we can use it.

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