Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gus and Lou To The Rescue

Lou (left) and Gus
The full court press against the geese has been underway now for three weeks.  Gus and Lou, under the direction of Jeremy Austin, have been a big help.  The population of resident geese has boomed over the past two years and I didn't want to see it continue through the winter.  Jeremy's business is called Eye Dog and fortunately for us he lives nearby.  Jeremy, Gus, and Lou have been visiting almost daily for several hours at a time.  Often they come twice a day and the results have been super. Before we teamed up, "poop patrol" was a daily task assigned to at least one staff member.  It involves blowing the mess from greens and tees and can take a few hours a day.  This task hasn't been needed a single time since the day Gus and Lou arrived.  The resident goose population is very large and Fawn Lake is a great place to live if you're a goose with many ponds and safe havens to choose from.  We are focusing on the golf course and it's 14 ponds, but I'm sure the neighborhood would benefit from Gus and Lou expanding their territory.  That idea has been floated to the powers that be so perhaps you'll see some action soon in other areas of Fawn Lake.

Say hello to the newest team members if you pass them on the course.  Make sure to thank them for saving our course from the nasty aftermath of the unwanted water fowl.
Eye Dog
Jeremy with Gus and Lou

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