Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Test In Progress


As most of you know, our roughs are a combination of fescue and bluegrass.  That, at least, is what was planted in the beginning almost 20 years ago.  Over time several unwanted grasses have found a home in the rough. Bermudagrass, bentgrass, and zoysia that's crept out of the fairway are prevalent throughout the course.  Playing a shot from one of these unwanted grasses in the rough, is nearly impossible.  Fescue is not a joy to play from either, but it offers a much better opportunity to advance the ball toward the target.  


We are currently using the 16th hole as our test plot for "cleaning" up the fescue rough.  Last Thursday we applied Pylex and Turflon to the rough and will make two more applications over the next 5 weeks.  During this time we expect the unwanted grasses to die.  Obviously there will be a period of time where it appears we've done more bad than good, but killing the unwanted grasses will give the fescue seed a chance to survive without the competition.

 For now please pardon our efforts as hole 16 will be in a state of "repair" for several weeks while the unwanted grasses die off and the new fescue seed begins to grow.  I am confident that we will be happy with the results of this "test".  It is my hope that we can squeeze this into the budget for next year on the rest of the course.

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