Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aeration Progress Report....and What To Expect

Yesterday we began the fall aeration process on greens.  We are using 5/8" diameter tines and pulling cores.  Our goal is to fill the holes with sand which will take another few days to fully complete.  So far we've made it through 12 of our 20 greens.  We are starting on hole 11 this morning and expect to wrap up this evening.  

The back nine is closed today

Those of you playing the front nine should know that we are not "finished" yet.  Putting conditions will be far less than acceptable but since our entire staff will be working on the back nine, you are free to enjoy the weather on the front nine.  We will get back on the front nine tomorrow during play to add sand if needed, brush, roll, etc...  We'll do the back nine follow up work on Thursday during play. 

Thanks for your patience.  We should be back to normal very soon.  

The steps we took yesterday.....

Topdressing goes down first (about 5 tons per green)

Aeration occurs next followed by shoveling up the plugs

A brush is pulled across the green and then it's rolled and watered

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