Monday, July 28, 2014

White Weeds

Until last week you may have thought we were weed free this summer.  We were doing well, but were not as "clean" as you thought.  Cool temperatures gave us a window of opportunity to attack some weeds on tees.  The product we use causes the affected weeds to turn white.  It's unsightly for a few days, but should disappear soon.  We are planning to use a similar method in the roughs this August in an effort to remove bermuda, zoysia, and patches of bentgrass.  Our roughs are supposed to be fescue, but in 20 years the zoysia has crept out from the fairway and common bermuda has appeared in weed form.  At rough height these two grasses are nearly unplayable and in the winter time they appear as brown patches in the green fescue.  I'll give more detailed information on this project before it gets started.   

small goosegrass plant 

bermuda in bentgrass tee

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