Friday, June 13, 2014

Stormy Week After A Dry Spell

The dry spell is officially over now as storms Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Friday are wreaking havoc on our quest for a firm, dry course.   Hopefully the rain goes away and we can start a new dry spell for next week's Member-Guest event. 

The two weeks prior to this one were spent scouting bentgrass and handwatering dry areas.  The course was starting to look and feel much drier than some would like with many brown areas in the zoysia fairways and outlying fescue rough.  With the US Open at Pinehurst this week I don't feel as much pressure as TV golf can sometimes bring.  I love a dry course although being part of a real estate development puts pressure on us to look lush all the time.  A dry golf course is more enjoyable to play and generally healthier than one that is soft and lush.  Prior to the dry weather we were struggling to keep up with the rough mowing and playing from the rough was very challenging.  With the dry spell came longer tee shots, easier escape from the rough, smoother/faster greens, and no cart restrictions.  

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