Friday, June 20, 2014


We rallied the troops this morning for a 5:00 AM start due to last evening's storm.  Thankfully things were not as messy as we feared and we were able to stay ahead of the 7:30 start times off #1 and #10.  The only drawback from the rain is the softer course.  We received an inch in just over 30 minutes and the temperature dropped from 93 to 68.  Two days ago the forecast was for mid 90 degree temps on the weekend and now the forecast is for something in the low 80s.  I'd like a firmer surface, but I'll take the lower temperatures as I'm sure most of you will also.

We have enjoyed the build up and preparation for what we consider to be our "major championship".  It's great seeing some familiar faces among the guests and very satisfying to hear the positive feedback on the course.

Just after the Thursday downpour

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