Friday, May 9, 2014

Greens Update

We are still not nearly as smooth and fast as we'd like to be following the aeration two weeks ago.  We had a complete washout last week with almost 5 inches of rain.  The rain wasn't so bad, but the lack of sun didn't help us.  This week was catch up time following last week's weather.  Next week we'll begin our regular light topdressing program and try some new grooming strategies that should get greens back to normal for the season.  We were putting very true and quick prior to aeration and I expect even smoother and faster conditions to be here soon.  It will be much easier once the summer staff arrives and we are able to allocate manpower to rolling, brushing, topdressing, etc...

On another greens related note....

I'm sure those of you that watch the Golf Channel regularly and/or follow the tour each week have seen the stories about the greens at Sawgrass.  It would be nice if the media used this as a chance to educate the golfing public about the impact weather can have on a golf course.  Instead, many of them seem set on blaming someone.  Many courses throughout the country have acres of dead grass thanks to the harsh winter and early spring.  TPC Sawgrass has some weather related issues as well.  Being in the spotlight and having a bunch of reporters/armchair superintendents hanging around makes it tough to escape the news.  Sawgrass has an excellent staff and the greens will putt just fine thanks to their tireless efforts.  Hopefully the media pats them on the back some before it's over.

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