Monday, May 26, 2014

Staff News

We are fortunate to have some extra help arriving now that exams are wrapped up.  Some of these guys are veterans and some are new to Fawn Lake.  Training takes some time and may even slow us down in the beginning, but we expect the staff to gel quickly and are excited about the season ahead.  We get a lot more accomplished now that this help has arrived.  The downside is you may encounter us more than you're used to.  We aim to stay ahead of play until at least 11 AM and try to steer clear of heavy golf traffic after lunch.

One task where staff is unable to avoid golf entirely is handwatering.  The greens and tees require a great deal of attention in the summer months and sometimes the difference between good grass and dead grass is just a few minutes of neglect.  We make multiple laps around the course everyday scouting for signs of stress in the bentgrass.  You may at times find yourself standing in the fairway watching one of us water a dry area or hot spot.  We promise we see you and will be done in just a few moments (usually less than 2 minutes). Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.    

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