Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Progress To Report

Sod finally arrived on what was the fourth try following three rain outs.  Of course a 12 hour day wasn't quite enough to finish installing it and rain has now returned for another full day.  We will wrap up tomorrow and get all of the new sod neatly trimmed and touched up.

Roughly 50 stumps were ground yesterday and we will be cleaning up the aftermath in the next few days.  With some luck we hope to have another day with the grinder later in the year.

It is clear where turf suffered as a result of the shade.  We will be making some repairs here at #12 now that the stumps have been ground.  The bare areas caused from the shade and tree competition are full of visible tree roots.  We'll transplant some bentgrass on the tee surface and put fescue on the tee slope.

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