Monday, March 3, 2014

Tree Removal Update

20 years of growth in what were already mature trees has caused some trouble in a number of places around the course.  We won't get all of the tree problems solved this winter, but so far we have made a positive impact on several areas.  Better turf and smoother cart paths will follow thanks to some much needed tree work.

In addition to the large trees that were removed we have also removed some smaller ones that were planted in 2005.  It's mildly embarrassing to admit that a tree WE planted now needs to be removed, but that is better than ignoring the issue and dealing with much bigger problems in a few years.  In 2005 we planted 28 trees throughout the course.  For a variety of reasons eight of these trees were recently removed.  Some were unhealthy and needed to go.  Others were outgrowing the space they were in and thereby damaging turf and/or cart paths.  We will be grinding the stumps and placing sod back over these areas as soon as the weather and ground conditions allow for it.

The following article from the USGA makes a great point about trees on the golf course....

Growing, Growing, Gone

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