Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trees vs Turf

The bulk of our time this winter has been spent on removing problem trees.  Some are wreaking havoc on cart paths, some are dead or dying, and some are killing grass.  One area of emphasis has been 12 Tee.  If you stand on the back tee and look straight up you are looking at tree limbs.  If you look down you are looking at tree roots. The battle between trees and grass has a very predictable outcome.....grass always loses.  At 12 tee we've known for years that at some point we'd have to address the tree issue.  We are taking 12-15 trees down around the back of the tee box in order to get more light to the turf.  This will also help keep the roots from growing into the tee.  Once the trees are down we'll grind the stumps and re-shape the left side of the tee box.  We did a similar project on the 5th tee last winter and saw a huge improvement in the turf this past summer.  

Sometimes it's best to prune the tree at the base.

12 Tee from above....Tees outlined in white

Back side of 12 Tee

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