Sunday, February 2, 2014

Golf Course Status Sunday

The course will be open this morning at 9:30.  There will be a few holes that remain closed so check with the golf shop before starting to get the details. 

Side Note:
Yesterday afternoon the warmest green on the course was frozen at 1" below the surface.  1.5" is the minimum we hope to have between the surface and the frost line for traffic to be "safe" to the turf.  I expected the greens to continue to thaw overnight since the low temps were going to remain in the upper 30s.  However, while the temps stayed well above freezing, the ground temperature obviously dropped because the greens are frozen to the surface this morning.  We are going to roll the dice and allow play to occur today, but we learned a lesson that air temperature and soil temperature don't always go in the same direction.  I knew this and we all see it during frost delays sometimes, but I didn't expect that 1" of soil would freeze solid when the air temperature was 38.

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