Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shop Overhaul

Every winter we have a long list of "indoor jobs" that we tackle when the weather turns sour.  Some years we don't finish this list because the weather lets us spend most of our time outside.  This year so far we are on pace to finish our indoor work in record time thanks to some bad weather.  Painting the several hundred tee markers and sign posts, adirondack chairs, water cooler stands, etc... keeps us busy for about two weeks.  This year we added an overhaul of Gene's shop to the list of things to do.  Our building is 15 years old and the floor was in bad shape.  We rented a floor grinder and removed the old paint, built some much needed storage shelving, added fiberglass paneling to the walls, and finally put down an epoxy coating that we hope will last a few years.  We take pride in our work and Gene's shop is the heart of the golf course.  It was long overdue for a deep cleaning and the weather we're having provided a great opportunity to get it done. 

BEFORE.....                                                                    AFTER......


To see the whole project click here..

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