Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Hole Locations

Now that greens are freezing at night we are going to our winter hole location plan. Instead of using our normal pin sheet on the scorecard, please refer to the option below.  Staff will take care of rotating the flagsticks and updating the daily pin position sign at the first tee.  

What is the ruling?
For those wondering about what happens when the spare hole is on the line of your putt, the Rules of Golf cover this situation. Since this a hole made by a greenkeeper, it meets the Definition of Ground Under Repair. You could choose to play your ball as it lies, but you also have the option to take relief. Rule 25-1b(iii) provides guidance on how to take relief if desired.  
25-1b (iii) On the Putting Green: If the ball lies on the Putting Green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the Nearest Point Of Relief that is not in a Hazard or, if complete relief is impossible, at the nearest position to where it lay that affords maximum available relief from the condition, but not nearer the hole and not in a hazard. The Nearest Point Of Relief or maximum available relief may be off the Putting Green.  

If you would like to print out a winter pin sheet.....

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