Friday, April 26, 2013

Storm Adds to the Workload

Fifteen minutes of wind last Friday night created a lot of headaches.  We have had to put several important priorities on hold in order to address the damage caused from this storm.  Greens, which were recently aerated and would normally be undergoing various efforts to speed recovery, had to be put on the backburner.  Roughs, which are growing at a record pace, have been set aside.  Bunkers, which took a beating from the rains, are still waiting for some resources.  We've dedicated two full days to clean up, but in order to make the course playable we've jumped back into more "normal" work with most of the staff.  Small efforts continue to be made daily in an effort to get things cleaned up, but it will take weeks to get all of the work completed. 

A few pictures of the aftermath....

Storm Pictures

Left of 16 Fairway

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