Friday, February 1, 2013

Progress Report

We have started the process of eliminating the large bunker left of 17 fairway. Drainage work to be completed in several fairways will provide us with material to fill that bunker in. This move was discussed with the Palmer Co. and they completely agreed with the plan.  It shouldn't change the hole tremendously, but it will be much easier to maintain.
A number of trees have died and are being removed. Several living trees that are causing problems with turf and/or cart paths have also been removed. We have a long way to go before we can say we've finished the tree work, but we are well underway.
Turf repairs to worn areas of the bentgrass collars are being made.  Cutting plugs from  "spare" tees and pasting in the problem areas is our strategy.  We mowed the spare tee on 6 at collar height back in December so we could harvest from it for the repairs.  Once we've exhausted all the turf from that tee we'll convert it to fescue. 
In the coming weeks we'll be doing a lot of irrigation work.  Adding several quick couplers (hose connections) around tees so that the staff can more efficiently hand water in the summer, leveling many heads that have settled below grade (we have over 1000 heads), and adding valves beneath all the bridges so we can drain low areas in the winter are just a few of the many irrigation tasks ahead. 
We also hope to add drainage to areas on 3, 6, 11, and 12 if the ground will dry out and/or freeze.  It's much too wet to work in now, but as soon as that changes we'll get on it. 

It's been a very productive winter so far and we hope to continue this pace until the grass starts growing again. 

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