Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Transition

The weather is transitioning from fall to winter as we transition from routine course maintenance to project work.  The leaves are still coming down and we continue to gather them up as fast as we can.  Most of what will fall this year has already done so and the rest of the leaves will come down next spring.  With the exception of a few really cold nights we have had a mild month and the course is much drier than it typically is for this time of year. 

The zoysia has turned dormant and the greens and tees have taken on the winter look as well.  Greens and tees are Southshore Creeping Bentgrass and in the cold weather they appear almost like a quilt of many different shades of green.  When the weather warms up this look will go away so don't be alarmed. 

The staff is smaller now and our plate is full for the coming months.  Sod work, tree work, drainage work, bunker work, irrigation work, equipment work, and a number of other important tasks will keep us busy.  We won't get to everything, but if the weather cooperates we should make a big impact. 

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