Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Course Update

Leaf Season

"Leaves" is written next to everyone's name on our assignment board and a box of earplugs is on hand to soften the sound of the blowers and vacuum. We can't do much in the way of routine mowing, course set up, raking, etc...without first blowing leaves out of the way. Many days leaf clean up is an all day task leaving no time for anything else. We move leaves to the perimeter of the course where we will eventually mulch or vacuum them. We have one vacuum which is very slow, but we will get to each hole several times before the holidays.

Please remember.....We blow leaves TOWARDS private property, but not ONTO private property. If you live on the course do not be alarmed by the sight of leaves being blown toward your home. We also ask that those homeowners refrain from blowing their leaves onto the course. We'd love to help, but we aren't equipped or staffed for the added work.

Frost Delays

As we enter this time of year it is important to be prepared for frost delays in the morning. We will keep the golf shop well informed and get you on the course as soon as the frost has cleared. Remember also that frost often settles just after sunrise and that the turf (ground level) is generally cooler than the thermometer that sits six feet off the ground. The Weather Channel might say it's 38 degrees, but we could easily have heavy frost and a delay.  
Practice Tee

Now that the zoysia has stopped growing the mats will be back in action for the winter. For the health of the tee and the safety of others please hit all your shots from the mats.

Rough Repairs
We worked hard through the month of October trying to get worn areas of the rough repaired. It's difficult to do since the worn areas are also high traffic areas. We've made some good progress and the spring will provide another chance to heal up before the busy season returns.

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