Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ring Around The Collar

We refer to the perimeter of each green as the collar.  This is the area of bentgrass that separates the green from the zoysia grass approach.  The collar is roughly 36" wide and is mowed with a walk behind reel mower at a slightly higher height than the green.  If you've played in the past three weeks you've probably noticed some areas in the collars that have quit for the summer.  There are a number of reasons why collars tend to be such a pain and this is not unique to Fawn Lake.  In fact there are articles and seminars devoted to the struggles of collar maintenance. 

We have endured the hottest summer on record.  Highs consistently in the 90s with lows at night hovering in the mid 70s coupled with extremely high humidity is not good for bentgrass.  Under such stress from the weather the turf is predisposed to injury from mowing, traffic, too much/too little water, etc...We plan to start the recovery process next week.  It will be a chore, but the scars will heal and the heat of 2012 will be a memory. 
For anyone REALLY interested in the topic here is a link to a good presentation....

Collar Talk

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