Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Progress Report

We have completed the process of aerating and are still very much in clean up mode.  This always takes a long time and we're constantly looking for better ways to do it.  The amount of clean up involved has changed over the years due to the additional thatch that has accumulated.  This has added an extra step to the process and probably close to a day and a half of time.  We hope to start mowing again tomorrow and should see things return to normal in a few days IF we get some rain. 

A plug before the clean up process
(This shows almost 1.5" of thatch which is too much)

More pictures......

 Fairway before clean up process

Dragging plugs with a steel mat

What the drag mat leaves behind.  The mat breaks the soil off the
plugs and leaves the thatch behind.  This is way too much thatch.

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