Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Golf Course Update

We completed greens aeration around the small storms last week.  The back nine was a challenge and ended up taking two full days due to the rain and golf schedule.  The end result was pretty good I think and we should be fully recovered in record time.

The rainfall totals for the year are below normal, but lately we've been receiving small doses of rain on a frequent basis.  That has made some parts of the course extremely wet.  None of the storms have brought much rain, but the cumulative effect is much worse than getting the same total all at once.  We will be unable to mow many areas of the course this week as a result so please bear with us as we try and dodge the rain and wet areas. 

The fairways were recently sprayed with Echelon, a pre-emergent herbicide that helps to solve the challenge of green kyllinga.  Green kyllinga is our worst weed in fairways (besides bermuda) and Echelon does a great job of cleaning it up.  The drawback is the temporary discoloring of the zoysia.  Please don't be alarmed if over the next week you notice a discolored appearance in the fairways.  The fairways will bounce back in a hurry and the kyllinga should be gone for several months. 

The summer staff is slowly beginning to return.  We have had a great team for a number of years and this year we are fortunate to have almost everyone returning.  There are no "new" faces so the learning curve will be quick.  Just a little refreshing for the veterans and we'll be at full speed soon.

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