Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arid April

Just a couple of weeks ago we were under heavy fog advisories for an entire week.  There was plenty of moisture in the air and almost no breeze.  Today we are into our second week of 10-20% humidity, 15-25mph winds, and higher than normal temperatures.  Instead of fog advisories there is a fire threat.  

In the picture below you can see what happens to the water we try and apply to dry areas on greens.  Instead of soaking into the soil it runs across the surface.  We spiked greens last Monday with solid tines to help give them some relief.  It helped, but a little rain would still be nice.  



  1. Another possible solution is the use of OARS surfactant. It is made by Aqua Aid and i believe sold by Landscape Supply in your area.
    OARS dissolves the waxy coating (caused by humic and fulvic acids of decaying plant materials)that gets on sand after they dry too far out causing a LDS situaution. LDS is a naturally occuring process but tends to show up mostly on sand based root zones.
    Imagine going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. after all the plaque is gone your teeth feel like fresh, clean, and revived... That's what OARS does for sand and LDS coating!

  2. Thanks guys. Both good suggestions. I didn't catch your comments until just now. We've done some Planet Air demo work and like the machine. Just a budget issue at the moment. As for the OARS, I'm familiar with it and have heard the pitch, but never struggled too much with LDS. The solid tine aeration and a break in the weather were great fixes to the challenge we faced back when I made the post. Since then we've had rainy day after rainy day.