Friday, October 14, 2011

Waiting Game

The continued rain keeps us in a waiting mode for just about everything on our "to do" list.  We don't mind working in the rain, but the work we need to do is not possible in wet conditions.  Chemical applications for disease on tees, greens, and fairways need to dry on the leaf.  Turf needs to be dry in  order to verticut or topdress.  Ground needs to be dry in order to aerate roughs.  Seed won't spread when it's wet.  The list of headaches caused by the unusually wet weather we're having is very long.  We still need to tackle this work, but it will have to wait until conditions improve.  In addition to the backlog of work that is accumulating, there will be a great deal of clean up involved following this band of storms.  Specifically in the bunkers where mud will have to be skimmed out and sand will have to be plowed back into place before raking can occur.  This will take us the better part of two days once the rain stops.

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