Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greens Recovery and Rough Renovation

The wet weather last week made it tough to get enough topdressing sand into the aeration holes on greens.  For this reason we decided to add more sand on Monday.  This puts a strain on our ability to get a good cut on the turf as the sand is very hard on the mowers.  Consequently the greens will putt slower for the next few days and then start to speed up as the sand gets worked into the surface.  We continue to put as much manpower as we can towards rolling, brushing, and mowing in order to get the greens back to normal quickly. 

The rough is being aerated around play.  We are also using an aer-o-vator to help in the high traffic areas.  It is good at breaking up the compacted soil in these places.  We will seed and add a compost to the these worn areas as well.  We will do our best to avoid play, but may have to close a hole from time to time in order wrap up this very tedious and time consuming process.  In the event that we need to close a hole we will put a sign to that effect on the tee box.  We hope to be done with the rough next week.  For the short term this process will make a mess of some areas.  This is very temporary and will dissappear in week to ten days. 

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