Monday, June 27, 2011

Productive Monday

As scheduled we spiked and lightly topdressed greens today.  We planned on doing the front nine today and the back nine tomorrow, but with the milder than expected weather we were able to get through 13 today.  That should get us finished tomorrow morning well ahead of play.

We used very small diameter solid tines and put a dusting of sand down before brushing and rolling.  This is something we generally do several times between late June and Labor Day.  I only put it on the calendar once in late June because I want to be sure we are able to have the time to do it before July when the weather pattern becomes unfriendly to bentgrass.  Putting tiny holes in the surface allows air to reach the roots which is vital during the hot and humid weather that we face in the summer.  We will squeeze this work into the golf schedule a few more times, but making room for it on the golf calendar now ensures that we enter the summer on the right foot.

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