Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bunker Repairs

Now that we have our seasonal staff in place and have gotten past the Member Guest we will be repairing some bunkers that are in need of sand, drainage, liner repair, etc...We don't have a tremendous budget for this, but we should be able to make a positive difference soon.  Bunkers were completely renovated in 2005 and conditions vary widely.  Some need to be re-done and others are in pretty good shape.  Most fall somewhere in between and will get some degree of input this summer.  I've worked closely with the Green Committee to identify the "neediest" bunkers and we'll use our resources accordingly.  It takes 25 tons of sand to fill a 1000 sq. ft. bunker with the proper amount of sand.  At $40/ton for sand (the most affordable, suitable sand available) that bunker would require $1,000 worth of sand.  If due to the slope and potential for erosion that bunker needs a liner below the sand, then another $1,350 would be needed as well.  We have 89,000 square feet of bunkers so to buy sand and liner for all of them would be just over $200,000.  That is why we are only going to be dealing with the "neediest" bunkers at this time. 

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