Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aeration Next Monday and Tuesday

We will be aerating greens April 4th and 5th provided the weather cooperates. The course will be closed on Monday. On Tuesday the back nine will be closed until we have finished which should be sometime in mid to late afternoon. We will be using 5/8" hollow tines and applying sand in an effort to fill the holes.

This is an excerpt from a well written article by Michael Vogt about putting green aeration:

As a common observation, it will take four to six hollow core aerification applications, with at least a 5/8-inch tine, before the observed positive changes to the turf will appear permanent. Some root zones require less applications, many root zones require more applications. At minimum it is recommended that USGA-specification greens receive, on average, twice-annual aerification to merely maintain their physical condition. That is, twice-annual aerification is needed to merely remove the organic material deposited by the roots. This general rule, however, has its exceptions. If twice-annual hollow core aerification applications are required with 5/8-inch tines or similar equipment to maintain a root system, an accelerated program is required to reduce the organic concentration. On grossly organically-affected root-zones the recommendation is an accelerated aerification program consisting of at least four aerification applications per year. An accelerated aerification program is not intended to be permanent. In time, the greens will achieve optimal visual and physiologic properties which are capable of being maintained, due to the changes in the root-zone’s physical properties, during periods of stress.

To read the entire article follow this link:

Golf Course Industry : Then was the summer of our discontent

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