Thursday, February 17, 2011

Course News and Lawn Care Planning

We cranked up the mowers this morning!  Greens have finally thawed out and after rolling them yesterday to smooth them out we are mowing them today.  If you've been playing some recently then you need to spend a few minutes on the practice green before you play.  The greens will roll much smoother and quicker than the last time you played.  I expect that we'll get another taste of winter before spring arrives so I hope you can squeeze some play into your schedule these next few days. 

We're about a month away from really going full steam ahead with turf related work.  In the meantime our plate is full of project work.  If you are looking for input on your own lawn now would be a great time to start planning.  I've helped quite a few of you in recent years and am more than happy to guide anyone who might need some advice.  We may even be able to help you acquire the supplies at a much better price than you might normally get.  Call me or email me anytime. 

See you on the course!

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