Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weed control application

Yesterday we began the process of applying Round Up to the zoysia.  This can sometimes be a lengthy process based on the weather and ground conditions, but we hope to knock it out by the end of next week.  With frost in the mornings and wind in the afternoons we are limited to just a few hours of spraying each day.  We treat the zoysia surrounding the greens as a separate area and must keep the course closed for a day when we get to that point.  We always try to do this portion of the task on a Monday, but if conditions aren't suitable, then we must move to another day.  The golf shop will be informed of our plan and we will send an email out in advance of any possible course closings due to the Round Up application. 

The purpose of this task is to remove unwanted grasses and weeds from the zoysia.  Since the zoysia goes dormant in the winter it is safe and effective to use Round Up.  You can't use Round Up in your home lawns for this purpose.....unless you want dead grass.  

When I first arrived at Fawn Lake in 2000 we mowed the fairways with rotary mowers in the fall and winter due to the weed population.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but it is safe to say that things are much better today. 

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